CD_banner2Photograph by Cheryl Juetten


Cat Doorman is Julianna Bright. Or the part of her that makes ardent, whole-hearted songs for kids. She’s delighted you found her.

Julianna started playing in bands in the 90’s, around the time her vivid, delicate paintings began appearing on independent-gallery walls. Julianna’s artwork has adorned gallery walls, album covers, magazine pages, card decks, children’s apps, consumer products and more. With her husband, Seth Lorinczi, she has composed for Discovery  Channel Education and interactive children’s apps. She and Seth’s band for grown ups, Golden Bears, was an alternative pick for both Amazon and iTunes. 2016 will host exhibitions of Julianna’s work at San Francisco’s beloved Needles and Pens and Land Gallery in Portland, and she is a participating artist in Portland Art Museum’s Piano Push Play exhibit.  (View more of Julianna’s work here.) She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon.

Bright’s first release for children, Cat Doorman Songbook, was awarded the Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award. That album along with the subsequent EP, Calling All the Kids to the Yard, have become mainstays on Sirius Satellite’s Kids’ Place Live. Read more about Calling All the Kids to the Yard, Songbook and Little Red Wagon  the interactive, educational app full of Bright’s hand-painted illustrations and winsome music  in the press links below:

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Photograph by Seth Lorinczi.